Meliocan CBD Arnica Cream 50 ML



Pamper your skin with Meliocan CBD-infused creams. Our all-natural formula nourishes and hydrates your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

For a soothing and therapeutic experience, try Meliocan Arnica cream. Our natural formula contains high-quality CBD and arnica, providing relief for sore muscles and joints. Perfect for athletes or anyone looking for a natural way to soothe soreness and promote recovery, Meliocan Arnica cream is the ultimate in relaxation and relief.

Meliocan creams are registered in the European CPNP database for Cosmetics to ensure safety, regulation and animal safety!

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This cream with Arnica envelops your skin with a natural protective layer and helps it recover from irritation, it can be used for daily body and muscle care.

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